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Taking care of you and your devices at work during COVID-19

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

With COVID-19 quickly becoming such a prevailing issue within communities, the sanitising of devices both in and out of the workplace to protect staff should now be at the forefront of every companies mind. However, doing so with potentially delicate or expensive equipment without causing damage should be their next concern.

As demonstrated in the above video, Isopropyl Alcohol with a minimum percentage of 70% is a device-safe option to sanitise almost every electronic, from HDMI cables to remotes & touchscreens.

Only a small amount is required to sanitise, also removing fingerprints from touch-devices and thanks to its evaporative properties it dries within a few seconds. #covid19 #cleaning #covid_19australia #staysafe #zoom #coronavirus #socialdistancing #audiovisual #videocoonference #essentialworkers

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