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Nettleton Tribe is an award-winning collective of architects and industrial designers operating across Australia. Known for their open, functional and visually stunning spaces, they are consistently trusted with large commercial projects across the country.

Hart Automation first crossed paths with Nettleton Tribe during the installation of a flagship AV project in 2015. Impressed by the cohesive aesthetic finish achieved by the AV installation, Nettleton Tribe engaged directly with Hart Automation to provide bespoke AV design and delivery services with truly customer-focused attention to detail. This relationship provided Hart with the opportunity to fit-out Nettleton Tribe’s Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne studios.


In 2019, Nettleton Tribe once again chose Hart Automation to work alongside them during a full refurbishment of their Sydney studio. The new space included a boardroom, meeting rooms, an open plan breakout or community space and a virtual-reality hub. Each space was designed and delivered with equal attention to form and function. The entire project was delivered on time and on budget, further developing this valued relationship and cementing Hart Automation as a trusted name in unique, customer-focused solutions.

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